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Friday, September 25, 2015

The NEW Nebula 4200 5-Axis Digital Gyroscope Stabilizer

Nebula 4200 5-axis digital gyroscope stabilizer

Recently Filmpower Inc. announced the Nebula 4200 stabilizer that will become available soon in three different versions. A pro, a lite and a 5 -axis Nebula 4200. Just a few weeks ago, I wrote a review about its predecessor, the Nebula 4000 3-axis stabilizer and included a few pointers on how to use the software to try and get the most out of this already great product. I've been more then pleased with the performance of the Nebula 4000 and was able to capture some incredible smooth footage with it.

The Lite version will be somewhat similar to the Nebula 4000 but this time it will have a more stable platform to stand on and you can balance your camera on it without the need of tools in just three minutes. That's a major upgrade since it can be kind of a hassle with the Nebula 4000 sometimes. And I'm not sure, but it looks like it would be possible to upgrade the lite version to a pro or a 5-axis version through a quick-release system below the yaw motor. Unfortunately I haven't been able to confirm this yet. The pro version requires two handed operation, which will make it possible to work with heavier cameras. The maximum payload will be 1.6 kg / 3.4 lbs for all versions. Now, the 5-axis version seems to be a real special one:

It has a steadicam arm like design attached to the handles to get rid of the bounce you get from walking with a handheld stabilizer. I've demonstrated a Steadicam arm and vest system before, which will clearly show this effect. It will be very interesting to see this system in action, but it will probably work similar as this DIY Nebula 4200 like stabilizer:

Although Filmpower hasn't released all of the details yet about the new Nebula 4200 stabilizer, this is what I've been able to gather so far.

Nebula 4200 5-Axis Stabilizer Features

  • 5-axis stabilization (vertical / horizontal / pitch / roll / yaw)
  • 32-bit controllers (instead of 8-bit like on the Nebula 4000)
  • Quick Tool-less Balance in three minutes
  • Support for DSLRs/Mirrorless cameras
  • Single and Double Handle Operation
  • Maximum payload of 1.6 kg
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Wireless controller

The Nebula 4200 will soon become available for pre-order, starting from $799 but in the meantime, the original Nebula 4000 is on sale for $599 at B&H.

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