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Friday, March 16, 2012

My Designs in a PS3 & Xbox 360 Game: 'SSX'

Boards I designed for the new 'SSX' from Electronic Arts for 'Playstation 3' and 'Xbox 360'

My most favorite game series just had a new release called: 'SSX'. This is a popular snowboarding video game which has been around for many years. So, when I had a change to submit some of my designs for boards in the game, I jumped right on it. I submitted a few boards and EA selected them to use in the game.

While playing the game you can earn credits, which you can then spent on different gear, outfits and snowboards. Each time you enter the in-game store, a few boards will be semi-randomly picked that can be purchased with your earned credits. I already came across a few of my boards and since I don't have any recording device to capture images or footage from the game console, I had to take a picture from the television screen. So I apologies for the bad picture quality.

Frame grab from the game with my board

One of my boards is also featured in this 'SSX: It's Tricky Accolades Trailer' promotional video, created by EA Sports.

Buy SSX for PS3 Buy SSX for Xbox 360

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