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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pictures from the Sony A7s

Sony A7s as a stills camera

It's no secret that I love my Sony A7s full frame camera. I've bought it to use it as a filmcamera, but it makes me forget about the photographic capabilities this little mirrorless gem has. Even though this camera "only" has 12.4 megapixels, it actually exceeds my former photo cameras who all start at 16 megapixels. I always looked at it as a fantastic filmcamera with a nifty function to take pictures. You know, like some of the older video cameras that have the ability to take a "picture" at the press of a button during filming. These pictures never looked good and it's save to say this feature never got really popular on video cameras.

The A7s really is in a different league of cameras. I absolutely love it as a camera to capture my videos and it also has become my number one camera when taking pictures. This really came as a surprise to me as well. The pixels used are much bigger then on "normal" still cameras and each one seems to be working a lot better too. The larger pixels also help to capture more light and thus having the ability to use higher ISO's without affecting the picture quality. The camera is also known as a camera that can see in the dark. And for good reason.

When comparing pictures taken with my former 16MP camera and the Sony A7s at 100%, the A7s wins it every time hands down. Anyone being concerned about not being able to use it professionally and creating large prints can stop worrying. During my trip to NYC I solely used the Sony A7s and one of the pictures I took from a helicopter is now hanging in the living room printed at around 4 x 2 ft and it looks incredible! You can just walk op to it, press your nose up against it (though it's frowned upon) and still see incredible details! I like to take credits for that, but believe me when I say it's the camera.

Last sunday, before all the tulip fields would disappear for another year here in the Netherlands, I went outside to take some pictures of them... and some other stuff too. Since I was again very impressed by the picture quality, I figured I should share some of the pictures here, that I took with the Sony A7s. Lens used was the Sony FE 28-70mm and gave me more then enough to work with.

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