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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Next big thing: The Sony PMW-200 XDCAM

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The Sony PMW-200 XDCAM

The last couple of days we got to see the message "The next big thing is coming" on the Sony micro XDCAM website.  Today we've finally -officially- learned what the next big thing is.

Please welcome the new:
Sony PMW-200 Full HD 4:2:2 XDCAM EX 1/2inch CMOS camcorder with 50Mb/s recording

Although already discovered what the next big thing was going to be, now we know for sure that it is in fact the PMW-200 XDCAM camera. It looks like the big brother of the Sony PMW-100 with a fixed Fujinon lens and very similar design as the Sony EX1R.

Side view of the Sony PMW-200 XDCAM

- Review of the camera: 50 Megabits for the masses, the new Sony PMW-200
- PMW-200 manual: PDF download

Suggested List Price: $ 7,790
Expected arrival: 9/14/2012

Specifcations for the new Sony PMW-200 camera (source:

Uses the SxS memory cards for recording medium.
The sensor used in the PMW-200 is a 1/2-inch triple-chip type “Exmor” CMOS sensor.
Effective recording pixel count is 1920 × 1080.

Recording Formats:
Both Interlace at 1080/59.94i (or 1080/50i) and Progressive at 1080/29.97P, 1080/23.98P, 720/59.94P, 720/29.97P, and 720/23.98P (or 1080/25P, 720/50P, and 720/25P) are supported, providing various HD recording formats for worldwide coverage. NTSC/PAL SD formats are also possible, including SD signal recording and playback in DVCAM format, as well as down-conversion output of HD signals into SD signals.

The PMW-200/100 records 1920 × 1080, 1440 × 1080, and 1280 × 720 HD images using “MPEG-2 Long GOP” codec compression. When recording with UDF, settings of 50 Mbps (in HD422 mode) or 35 Mbps (in HQ mode) are supported. With FAT, settings of 35 Mbps (in HQ mode) or 25 Mbps (in SP mode) are supported. When using UDF with a 64 GB SxS memory card, efficient compression methods allow for recording approximately 120 minutes of HD images at 50 Mbps (in HD422 mode), and approximately 180 minutes of HD images at 35 Mbps (in HQ mode). Furthermore, the PMW-200 supports recording and playback in DVCAM 25 Mbps format, as well as playback in MPEG IMX 50 Mbps format.

Uncompressed Audio Recording High quality
In HD422 mode, the PMW-200 camcorder can record 4-channel audio in 24 bits, Linear PCM 48 kHz. It is possible to record a 4-channel audio in 16 bits, Linear PCM 48 kHz for HD.

Thumbnail Expand Functions:
Each time a recording is started and stopped, the video and audio signals are recorded as one clip. Furthermore, thumbnails are automatically generated for each clip as a visual reference, allowing the operator to cue-up to a desired scene simply by guiding the cursor to a thumbnail. For further convenience, the ‘Expand’ function allows one selected clip in the Thumbnail display to be divided into 12 equal time intervals, each with its own thumbnail identifier. This is useful if you wish to quickly search for a particular scene within a lengthy clip.

Modes and Settings:
• Auto Focus with the push of a button
• Assist MF
• Expanded focus
• Macro Focus
• Peaking
• Time Lapse, Slow Motion, and Accelerated Function (between 1-60 fps depending on NTSC or PAL)
• Frame by Frame Recording
• Shutter Speed and Shutter Angle Settings
• Six Picture Profiles
• Record Cache
• indicator of depth of field
• Display brightness level
• LED bar graph
• 3.5-inch color LCD monitor
• Colour viewfinder visibility
• Assignable buttons – five assignable buttons for the PMW-200
• Operations Start / Stop and zoom recording possible on the handle and handle
• Long battery life with a battery pack
• Large selection of interfaces including BNC SDI, BNC TC, BNC Genlock, USB, i.LINK and HDMI
• ATW (Auto Tracing White Balance)
• Selectable gain
• High speed picture search: × 4, × 15, × 24
• Freeze Mix Function
• Remote Infrared Handset provided
• Function metadata planning
• Compatible with the PHU-220R 220 GB Professional Hard Disk Unit
• Compatible with the CBK-WA01 WiFi Unit

Slow & Quick Motion:
720p: 1 ~ 60 frames, 1 ~ 50 frames (for PAL Area, UDF)
1080p: 1 ~ 30 frames, 1 ~ 25 frames (for PAL Area, UDF)

SDI output:
BNC, switchable with HD-SDI/SD-SDI SMPTE292M/259M

Built-in filters: ND filters
CLEAR: Clear
1: 1/8ND
2: 1/64ND

Shutter Speeds:
1/32, 1/33, 1/40, 1/48, 1/50, 1/60, 1/96, 1/100, 1/120, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000

Shutter Angle:
11.25 º / 22.5 º / 45 º / 72 º / 86.4 º / 90 º / 144 º / 150 º / 172.8 º / 180 ° / 216 °
Frame rates unavailable when “S & Q Motion” is set to “1″
“16″: 72 °, 86.4 °, 144 °, 150 °, 172.8 °, 216 °.

PMW-200 Fujinon Lens:
Zoom ratio: Fujinon 14X Fixed power/manual switchable
Maximum relative aperture: 1:1.9
Focal length: 5.8 mm ~ 81.2 mm (equivalent to 31.4 mm ~ 439 mm on a 35 mm lens)
Focus area: Auto/manual switchable
800 mm to ∞ (macro OFF)
50 mm to ∞ (macro ON, wide end)
735 mm to ∞ (macro ON, tele end)
Iris: Auto/manual switchable
F1.9 to F16 and C (close)
Picture stabilizing function: ON/OFF possible, shift-lens system
Filter thread: M 77 mm, pitch 0.75 mm
Macro: ON/OFF possible

Camera Weight:
Approx. 2.3 kg (5 lb 1.1 oz) (Camcorder only)


Press release from Sony


New PMW-200 Model Delivers Three 1/2 -inch Sensors and
Range of Features for High-quality HD Shooting and Production Experience

PARK RIDGE, N.J., July 26, 2012 – Sony is unveiling the newest addition to its industry- leading XDCAM HD4:2:2 line – the PMW-200 camcorder. This new model is the only professional handheld camcorder in its class with three 1/2 -inch ExmorTM CMOS sensors and full HD 4:2:2 50 Mbps recording. The versatile new camcorder is designed for any type of professional shooting, from broadcast and newsgathering to education and corporate production. It inherits the performance, ease of use and accessories of Sony’s PMW-EX1R camcorder, which has become a de facto standard for professional video production.

“The new PMW-200 is one of the most versatile handheld camcorders we’ve ever developed,” said Tatsuro Kurachi, Director, Marketing and Product Management, at Sony Electronics. “Incredible flexibility and high-end recording capabilities like HD4:2:2 are becoming more important to pro shooters at every level of production in terms of workflow and picture quality. The PMW-200 camcorder demonstrates our commitment to developing the right tools that meet and exceed the needs of professionals.”

The new camcorder is the latest example of Sony’s continually expanding XDCAM HD 4:2:2 line-up both for optical disc and SxS memory card systems. Designed using Sony’s advanced sensor technology and building on decades of experience, the PMW-200 camcorder answers the industry’s desire for a 4:2:2 50Mbps camcorder that uses three 1/2 - inch type sensors. With other handheld 50Mbps camcorders on the market featuring 1/3 - inch sensors, the PMW-200 camcorder’s 1/2-inch sensors mean it’s designed to perform exceptionally well with excellent sensitivity and great detail even in challenging lighting conditions.

A variety of recording formats such as 50Mbps/35Mbps MXF, 35Mbps/25Mbps MP4 and DVCAM are available for a wide range of applications and workflows.

The PMW-200 camcorder offers a powerful Slow & Quick motion function to capture footage at 1 fps to 60 fps in 720p mode, and from 1 fps to 30 fps in 1080p mode, giving users enhanced creative flexibility. An immediate playback function lets operators view their shots rapidly and easily, without the need for external converters or processing on non- linear editing systems.

The PMW-200 camcorder is armed with a 14x zoom lens with auto focus and image stabilizing capabilities. The lens is also equipped with three independent rings for zoom, focus and iris adjustment, plus greater precision through indications of ring positions on the LCD screen to give users a high level of operational comfort and control. Focusing on subjects and reviewing recorded footage is made easy with the full-color 3.5-inch WVGA (852x480) LCD panel.

The PMW-200 camcorder also comes with an invaluable 15-second cache recording feature, a function unique among handheld camcorders. Its internal memory can capture images even before the recording button is pressed (maximum of 15 seconds), allowing users to record important moments that would have otherwise been missed.

Genlock and timecode interfaces on the PMW-200 camcorder make it a breeze for use in multi-camera operations and entry-level HD studio applications. The camcorder also gives users greater flexibility in choosing recording media, operating with Sony’s professional SxS ProTM and SxS-1 technology (two slots) as well as SD cards, Memory Stick media and XQD cards (adaptor required).
A Wi-Fi remote control (adaptor required) for the PMW-200 camcorder enhances flexibility for studio or on-location use. This remote control function is scheduled to be available by December 2012 through a free firmware upgrade.

The PMW-200 camcorder is planned to be available in September for a suggested list price of $7,790. 

More information can be found here: Sony XDCAM Micro site - PMW-200.

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  1. Did they fix the clunky zoom rocker from the EX1?