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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NEW - Mini TX Backbone For Radian's Wireless HD Video Set

Radian Pro at work
Sometimes you come across a product that works so good, that you can't imagine it to become any better. I've felt that way about the Radian Pro (review here) from Camera Motion Research, which is used to transmit an uncompressed HD video signal wirelessly through the air. A perfect tool for filmmakers who need to be able to freely move their camera through space while using it in combination with a gyro stabilizer like the MōVI as well as other equipment like a crane, stabiliser or Steadicam. All of these devices share a common enemy: cables. But even if you're not using such a device, it's still an extremely handy accessory on any film set to provide the director, producer or client with a direct feed of what the camera is capturing without any limitations. The Radian transmitter can be placed on any camera thanks to CMR's backbones. It provides several mounting options and also enables you to add a lightweight USB style battery to directly provide power to the transmitter for several hours. You will forget it's even on the camera while filming.

It's more common then ever for filmmakers to use smaller cameras with great capabilities on productions as an 'B' or even as an 'A' camera. Camera Motion Research, the company behind the Radian Pro and Radian Multicast wireless sets, has developed a new Mini TX Backbone which is the perfect lightweight match for any DSLR or similar type of camera. It enables you to mount the wireless transmitter with installed battery in a very discrete and lightweight way, without compromising on ease of use or performance.

The mini TX backbone is quick and easy to mount on any camera
Mini TX Backbone - What's in the box 
It comes standard with everything you need to mount it to your camera of choice. A very small and light CamLink lithium battery, which will power the transmitter for over 3 hours and has a digital display of remaining power, is also included. It will probably last longer on a single charge then your camera battery will be able to power your camera, very nice! And if you're scheduled for a long day of shooting you can always buy additional batteries for only $25 dollar a piece, directly from the CMR website.

Standard Backbone and battery (left), Radian transmitter (center), mini TX backbone (right).
Radian Pro mounted on the Sony A7S via the mini TX backbone.

The CMR Mini TX Backbone is a welcome addition to an already fantastic product and I wouldn't be surprised if you leave it mounted on your camera at all times, ready to use on your next cable free shoot. It's available right now at an introductory price of $99. And like I said before, the battery is included in this sale!

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