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Friday, May 4, 2012

NEX-5N with 18-200mm lens - Footage

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Location to capture footage with the Sony NEX-5N

Two days ago I was at the beach and decided to bring my Sony NEX-5N with me and shoot some footage with it. Just to see what this camera is capable of. I simply used the internal microphone and recorded in AVCHD, 50i 24M (FX). Lens I used was the Sony E-mount 18-200mm from my NEX-FS100.

Importing the footage into FCP is the same as with the NEX-FS100 and editing is simple and fast. I decided to leave the footage ungraded and just show what the camera is capable of. You can see the result in the video below.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the video quality of the NEX-5N. It's also a good companion of the NEX-FS100. They can share the same lenses, which makes it easy to always bring the NEX-5N with me on a shoot.

Next time I will try to do a quick comparison between the NEX-5N and NEX-FS100. They can share the same timeline in editing, which will make it easier to compare the two.

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