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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Review: Raincover for the NEX-FS100

Click here for more information about the Petrol PR410 raincover
The Sony NEX-FS100 with the Petrol PR410 raincover
I was looking for a raincover for the NEX-FS100 but couldn't find it anywhere. The camera has been out for several months but still no sight of a raincover. When you go to manufacturer website's you will find all type of camera's being mentioned, but none of them talks about the FS100. Maybe everyone is busy working on it, or we're just not allowed to take the NEX-FS100 outside?

I also searched on the B&H website and under 'Essential Accessories' for the NEX-FS100, they listed the Petrol - PR415 raincover. Officially it's being sold as a raincover for the Sony PMW-EX3, JVC GY-HD series and similar size camcorders, but apparently it should work fine for the NEX-FS100 as well. Unfortunately for me, it was out of stock and I really needed one for a shoot later that week. So I went on a search for this particular raincover, but I couldn't find it anywhere in stock. I started to look around for other raincovers that might be able to fit on the FS100 and found the Petrol PR410 Deca Transparent Raincover.

The PR410 is made for the Sony PMW-EX1, HVR-Z7 and similar size cameras, but also fits the FS100 with stock lens. The nice thing about it, is that you have quick and easy access to all camera features and it also protects the tripod head. There are four zippers on the raincover to configure it the way you want.

NEX-FS100 and raincover on a tripod
Raincover on the camera in hand-held mode
The front hood section comes outfitted with a hotshoe connector to stabilize it on the camera and this will even work on the FS100. It's a bit fiddly to get it on the camera, but I think that's mostly because of the awkward design of the camera.

Front view
The reason none of the manufacturers have come out with a raincover designed for the FS100 yet, is probably due to the modular camera design. You can use different lenses on the FS100 which will make it more difficult to create a raincover that will fit most shooting configurations. And even if you make one for the FS100 with the kit lens, you are dealing with a lens that extends when it's zoomed in.

The Sony 18-200mm E-mount lens fully extended

The Petrol PR410 is a good raincover for the NEX-FS100 when you are in need of one. Yes, it's a bit of a fiddle to get it on the camera (taking it off the camera on the other hand is a breeze), but you have easy access to all the camera buttons and switches and not to forget: the lens. I'm still hoping that one day soon there will be a raincover on the market specially designed for the FS100. But until then, I have found a good working solution to keep my camera dry and protected against rain!

Now also available, the Porta Brace Rain Slicker for the Sony NEX-FS100 and the
camRade WS NEX-FS100 Wetsuit!

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  1. With respect the Petrol raincover is a disaster for two reasons:-
    1. It is the most akward accessory I've come across for any camera. Fitting it is close to impossible; in a stressful situation it could be catastrophic, resulting in the loss of critical footage due to time lost trying to attach it to the camera.

    2. Added to this is a disasterous, design flaw. The camera is covered but the front end is wide open to the elements. Unless rain falls vertically with no wind, there is little or no protection in front.

    However, the transparent cover is good and access to camera controls is well designed. I found a material cover designed for a still camera with openings for lens and viewfinder with velcro adjustment and drawstrings on the edges to keep it attached to the camera.