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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shooting Deer (With a Camera)

I didn't have much time to process and place these pictures online, but I thought it would be nice to show my hunt for shooting deer. Yes with a camera of course! It's almost Christmas time and after all, they look like Reindeer.

It was a really cold morning and it took a long time before I was able to make a good photo. I did saw a lot of deer, but the camera unfortunately saw little of them.

Couldn't get any closer in the beginning 
The forest looking nice during sunrise 
"Moss on a Branch" This title says it all!
Big Tree
Beautiful landscape... still no deer in sight though
Maybe the deer had a meeting here?
Yes found two, but who's spotting who?
Please stand still and hold your breath...
Deer looking curious
Finally, being patient pays off. I was able to get very close to make this picture. The deer was curious enough to stand still and I slowly got closer while taking a picture at almost every step that I took. Not knowing when he would start to run away. But luckily for me, it didn't and I was able to capture this moment.

Pictures taken with the Nikon D7000 and Nikon 18-200 VRII lens

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