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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UPDATE: TheNewF from Sony

Sony has some new and exciting news to share with us at the end of this month and left us with a little teaser: "the future ahead of schedule". Along with the title, Sony also gave us a shiny new hashtag suggestion to start tweeting about it. So if you like to join the party, make sure to add #TheNewF to your speculation tweets.

UPDATE: Read all about Sony's new F cameras here!

Now, #TheNewF could imply that Sony will release a new F3 camcorder perhaps with 4K resolution capabilities because they also mentioned "the future ahead of schedule". The NEX-FS700 will soon receive its 4K upgrade (if the rumors are true) so why not bring a new F3 4K camcorder to the market and name it the Sony PMW-F4, to compete with the Canon C500?

After some thorough investigation I learned a few things about the new camera. "The New F" will probably be released around January 7th, 2013. It's a large sensor camera and might be the successor of the PMW-F3 with a more 'broadcast friendly' 50Mb/s recording quality and some other improvements as well.

Only a few more days and we'll get the final and only right answer from Sony.

Someone just send me a link to this Sony page. Apparently you have to register first before they can share the big news with you on Oct. 30th, so make sure you do!

Official new information about The New F camcorder from Sony:

- "4K"
- "50Mb/s 4:2:2"
- "CineAlta badged"

So we should place it more in the F35 and F65 category of digital cinematography cameras?

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