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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Edelkrone Announces the JibPLUS

If you've been following the latest updates about all the cool new camera gear at the NAB show, you might also have heard about this very exiting news from Edelkrone. They have come up with something incredible that will turn every DSLR / mini jib into a million dollar production tool. They have surprised the market before with their innovative products, but this one really caught my eye. They call it the JibPLUS. It's an add-on that works with every small jib and DSLR and the components look like this:

It already looks very interesting, but what does it do exactly? The best way to explain this is through a video (or two... and more if I would've found them!)

So these three components, or actually 4 if you would also include the focus motor, will make it possible to create easy but stunning crane shots. Setting it up is a very clever process and after that you only have to control the motion of the jib arm. Aiming the camera and focusing will all be done for you by this very clever accessory. The 2 axis head will make sure it will stay locked on your chosen target while the focus control will take care of keeping your subject in focus no matter how you move around the jib arm. It will enable Hollywood style camera movements in an easy and fun way.

Price of the JibPLUS will be announced at a later point in time, but the final product itself will probably (and hopefully) become available this summer.

For more information about this product and other products please have a look at their website:

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