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Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashpoint LCD 8" Wireless Monitor and Remote

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Flashpoint 8" LCD Monitor

This product caught my eye: Flashpoint LCD 8" Monitor with Remote for cameras with HDMI port. It's a camera monitor with HDMI port, but it also has another feature that really interests me. It can be used as a wireless director monitor. It's aimed for users with a DSLR camera and has a 4:3 aspect ratio with 800X600 resolution.

You can use the video (and audio) out from your camera and connect it to the supplied wireless adapter / transmitter. Now it's possible to see what the camera sees on the monitor without the need of a wire between the camera and monitor. Perfect when using a stabilizer to show the director what you're filming.

When using a DSLR you can even take pictures, using the shutter button that's on the monitor.

In a review someone mentioned it's almost impossible to see anything on the monitor when you're outside in bright sunlight. So you'll need something like a PortaBrace Flat Screen Monitor Case to shield the screen from unwanted light. You will also need a Canon LP-E6 battery to power the monitor.

The monitor with transmitter costs $459 $399 and I think it's a very reasonable price for a wireless director monitor system.

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